Mistigris 1997 / We're the snails on Buddha's head / We're the lumps in unleavened bread / We're the lesson they can't teach / We're the itch you can't quite reach /  We're the ear Van Gogh cut off / We're the headache with your cough / We're the fountain turned upsidedown / We're the wrinkles in a frown / We're the track marks on Bill's arm / We're the players from the farm / We're the canvas where you paint / We're the deadly hidden taint / We're chunk, we're funk / we're someone's spunk. / Mistigris 1997 - We don't need slogans - we ARE slogans!

-- image by pure voltage, lit by cthulu.  click here to download the file released in the Mistigris 3 year anniversary pack, October 1997 --