---Above all else...

This is a disk of computer artwork distributed at the Living Closet event at
the Church of Pointless Hysteria on Friday, July 23rd, 1999.  Only 10 of
these disks exist, though the contents may have also been distrubuted
electronically through various forums.
(Addendum: only two of the ten disks were ever claimed, making this release
considerably more obscure than was originally intended.)

It contains both high- (.JPG, .GIF, .RIP) and low-resolution (.ANS, .ASC)
graphical artwork, photographic scans, writing (.TXT), music (.S3M) and
executables (.EXE, .COM) as well as other archives (.ZIP) containing more of
the above.

This file is mirrorred on this disk in two alternate formats: as README.ANS
in ANSI colours and as README.TXT in raw text.

---First off: technical requirements:

This is a diskette formatted and intended for use on MS-DOS and compatible
(Windows 3.x, '9x) systems, though much of the data can be cracked open and
used on other platforms.

---Use and access:

The contents of the archive ARTDISK-.ZIP can be extracted using your favorite
uncompression software: PKUnzip and WinZip are two likely candidates.

The graphic files with .JPG and .GIF extensions can be viewed in most web
browser software as well as in a whole array of graphic display programs.

The files with .ANS, .ASC and .RIP extensions can be viewed with the use of
Goldview, which is included with this archive as GOLDVIEW.ZIP

OMLET003.ZIP and KITHE-14.ZIP are e-mags (electronic magazines) which contain
executables within their respective archives.

The music file with the .S3M extension can be played in all forms of tracking
software and also within WinAmp.

Update: click here for an on-line gallery of the disk's contents.

The art contained in this archive is a middling sampling of art produced over
the past five years by the following computer-based artists, all members of
the locally-based computer art group Mistigris:

Basic, Coyote, The Lite, Sentience, Silent Knight, Weird, Tincat, Eerie,
Shaolin, The Pope, Tricolore, Crystal Meth, Prisonernumberone, Happyfish,
Mordecai, Kyo, ts, Totoman, Corinthian, Lady Blue, Dead Soul, Haquisaq,
Tzeentch, Mage, Inquisitor, The Extremist, Mr. Flibbles, Fire from Heaven,
Zinnia Rock, Sarcasm, Quip, The Iconoclast, Pure Voltage, Muton, Feral,
Plastic, Jive, Etana, Rash, Cthulu, Eto, Dr. CPU and Candide.


None of the BBS phone number information contained within any of the artworks
in this archive is likely to be valid anymore and we do not endorse calling
them up to find out.  In addition, all files on this disk have been virus-
scanned and are to the best of our knowledge clean.

Neither Mistigris nor The Living Closet take any responsibility for
ramifications in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or electronic
realms resulting from use or viewing of the contents of this disk.


The distributor and archivist responsible for the dissemination of this disk,
Rowan Lipkovits (aka Cthulu aka Pseudo_Intellectual) can be reached at

Online forums for local-area computer artists also exist at the new TabNet
WWWThreads BBS at http://bonk.dynip.com/, The British Columbia Community
System Citadel BBS at http://www.bccs.net/ and on the EFNet IRC in #mist.

For people missing the old BBS experience, Milky Way BBS is still up and 
operational, though its primary clientele consists of 14-year-old wrestling 
fans.  It has four dialup lines: 532-4363, 532-4367, 532-4371 and 532-4377.

The Living Closet maintains webspace at 
http://livingcloset.vancouver.bc.ca/If further steps are made to bind the performing community with the online 
one, it may see some use and/or updates.

All contents of this disk and sundry archives are © copywrong 1999, 2000.

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